ICMAB award-2014
ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2014

MCCI-2014 award
Awarded presented to Grameen Bank for their pioneering role in Poverty Alleviation and Social Development in Bangladesh

Nobel Peace Prize Award 2006
Awarded “Nobel Peace Prize 2006” in October, 2006.

Petersburg Award 2004
Awarded “Petersberg Prize 2004” by the Development Gateway Foundation, U.S.A. in 2004.

Gandhi Peace Prize 2000
Awarded “Gandhi Peace Prize :2000” by Government of India.

World Habitat Awards 1997
World Habitat Award : 1997 by Building and Social Housing Foundation.

The Tun Abdul Razak Awards 1994
Awarded 1994 Tun Abdul Razak Award for the Bank’s unique programme to lend money to the poorest of the poor and thus transform the lives of thousands of impoverished people.

Independence Day Award 1994
Awarded Independence Day Award for outstanding contribution to Rural Development.

King Baudouin-1993
Awarded “The King Baudouin International Development Prize 1992” for its recognition of the role of women in the process of development and the novelty of a financial credit system contributing to the improvement of the social and material condition of women and their families in rural areas.

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture 1989
Awarded Aga Khan Award For Architecture, 1989 by Geneva based Aga Khan Foundation for designing and operating Grameen Bank Housing Programme for the poor, which helped poor members of Grameen Bank to construct 60,000 housing units by 1989, each costing on an average $ 300.