Grameen Bank crossed the milestone of 14 Thousand Crore taka loan outstanding.


On November 16, 2017, Grameen Bank crossed the milestone of 14 Thousand crore taka loan outstanding. On this occasion, a meeting was held at Grameen Bank Head office under the presidency of Professor Muzammel Haque, Chairman of the board of directors. The Bank’s acting Managing Director Mr. Ratan Kumar Nag along with all the top executives was present at the meeting. This year in the month of January, Grameen Bank crossed the milestone of loan outstanding 12 thousand crore taka and crossed 13 thousand crore taka in the month of May.

Since its beginning till 2000, Grameen bank’s loan outstanding was 1,260 crore taka, it reached 9,203 crore taka till October 2015, it became 11,824 crore taka in December, 2016 and before the end of November, 2017 it reached 14,030 crore taka. It is to be observed here that, to meet the increased expanses due to initiating the new pay-scale, with everyone’s sheer effort, Grameen Bank’s loan outstanding has increased to 4,827 crore taka over the last two years.

Grameen Bank has achieved the highest record in loan disbursement and increase in loan outstanding in the year 2017.  Till November 16, 2017, Grameen Bank’s loan outstanding increased to 2,206 crore taka. In the last 12 working days of November 2017 alone, the loan disbursement was a total of 1,215 crore taka. It shows that Grameen Bank has the ability to distribute more than Tk. 100 crore every day.