Grameen International Dialogue Program

Grameen Bank and Grameen Trust jointly organize 2-3 International Dialogue Programs a year for potential replications of the Grameen model throughout the world. The Dialogue is intended to provide an immersion into the Grameen milieu, to assist in the design of Grameen type credit programs, and to share the experiences of implementing and adopting the Grameen Bank approach.

Participants in the dialogues are generally potential replicators, the founders and/or chief executive of institutions who are in a position to take decisions on behalf of their organizations, regarding Grameen replication in their own contexts.

The International Dialogue Program is a 7-day program including the arrival and departure of the participants, visits to rural and urban microcredit programs in Grameen model in Bangladesh and sharing of experience among participants. Special Dialogues are also organized from time to time for participants from government and non-government agencies in different countries.

Interns and researchers are also welcome to participate as observers of the Dialogue Program for a small fee.